" El concepto obras de mano realza el valor del trabajo del artesano, rescatando su original sentido creativo y artístico, y asignándole la valoración que corresponde en el entramado social del proceso productivo del calzado y sus complementos"





A Chilean Footwear Statement


OBRA was founded by designer and college professor Constanza Moreno in 2016.

The company was born from the sole purpose of preserving and carrying on with the ancient and meticulous traditions of footwear manufacturing while giving modern chilean fashon`s landscape a unique alternative of shoes made entirely by hand and local materials.


Constanza and her team of artisans and footwear “Maestros” shape`s individually  every shoe as work of art, as a unique and unreproducible interpretation of her original design. The result is a powerful mixture between traditional Chilean handcrafting and the “avant-garde” vision of what identity truly means in our vastly globalized world.


OBRA´s entire process of production it`s a signature on its own, from the selection of our national leathers to the final details and touches of the assembly. When you hold one of our pieces you are not only contemplating the story of our people and their traditions but also the timeless arch of art and its ciclic ways.


Together we assign value to the craftsman's work; raise awareness regarding the impact of our personal clothing and choices

Toghether we walk firm and joyful steps towards the good side of history.